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About DIY Scratched Glass Repair

Firstly, we would advise taking a few moments to read through these menu tabs, which have been designed to give you an insight to repairing scratched glass and enable you to choose the right D.I.Y kit to repair your scratch damaged glass.

As always, if you need any assistance, help or guidance, our team are standing by to help.  You can call them on 0800 612 8095 - email them at sales@theglasspolishers.com or by using our ‘Live Chat’

The first thing to establish is the level of your scratch damage.  Although we sell many different kits, the truth is that there are only four to choose from – FineLightMedium and Heavy.

We advertise them in various formats to make it easier for customers to identify which kit will work best for their individual needs.

You also need to decide how large an area you need to repair.  Our kits come in two sizes, 125mm designed to repair 1 square metre and 75mm designed to repair a ½ square metre. To reduce the cost of repairing larger areas, we have introduced refill packs, which contain just the basic essentials for each kit. 

So, if you have a two square metre area, you will need 1 complete kit and 1 refill pack.

A quick word about size.  Unless you have a very small area to repair, our advice is bigger is better.  You will find a 125mm kit much easier to use, especially with an electric drill.  75mm kits do work well, but are a little harder to use. 

The most important advice we can give you is to read the instructions that come with your D.I.Y Scratched Glass Repair Kit.  We appreciate that, as men, we are conditioned from birth only to refer to instructions once a job goes pair shaped, but as long as you read and understand the instructions before you begin your repair, you will achieve outstanding invisible repairs, and as always, every kit we sell comes with our unique Double Money Back Guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we have heard many things about glass polishing or repairing scratch damaged glass and we'd like to share a few of them with you.

Scratched glass cannot be repaired. If a glazier tells you that scratched glass can be repaired, he is not going to sell you another piece of glass. We repair scratch damaged glass every day, providing our customers with invisible, distortion free repairs.

If a scratch catches a fingernail it cannot be repaired. If someone tells you that something cannot be done, it usually means that they cannot do it. Our technicians can remove any scratch from any glass, including heavy graffiti scratching, acid etching and even weld and grind spatter.

You cannot polish glass without causing distortion. In the early days of glass polishing this was certainly true. The early Novas and Trizact systems required a very high skill level to produce results that could be classed as passable, but even then distortion was common. With today’s glass polishing systems, mainly our own :) distortion free repairs are all we produce.

Glass Polishing weakens the glass. The process of glass polishing neither weakens or strengthens the glass. By removing the scratch, we remove the strain the scratch places on the glass, recreating a structurally sound unit.

Glass is fluid and not solid. I love this one. If you have any doubt about this, walk to your nearest window and bang your head against it. Fluid or solid?

Toothpaste can remove scratches from glass. If only this were true. One of our most expensive consumables is Cerium Oxide polishing compound. If we could replace this with toothpaste, we would save a lot of money.  The truth is that to remove anything other than a very faint scratch, you need to get abrasive with the glass, taking the glass away to the depth of the damage and then 'feather' and polish the glass back to its original clarity.

Scratched spectacles or eye glasses can be repaired. Yes they can, by a skilled optician and not by a glass polisher or someone with a D.I.Y. scratch repair kit. Optical glass is a carefully manufactured lens. Don't do it.

Scratched mobile phone screens can be repaired. If you are going to attempt this, please be very careful. Most mobile phone screens are not made from glass - Gorilla Glass is not glass in the traditional sense - and the inside of a mobile phone does not react well to compound or water. We do not advise that you try it.

Glass Polishers make fantastic lovers. True. Absolutely true.

Are repairs to glass surfaces visible? No.   When done correctly, glass polishing or scratch repair causes no distortion or haze and restores glass to its original clarity.

Can tinted glass be repaired? Yes, as tints are manufactured into and throughout the glass, repairing scratch damage does not affect the tint.  Warning check that your tints are genuine and not applied film.  You cannot polish film.

What types of glass can be repaired with glass polishing services? All types of glass can be repaired using glass polishing systems.  Toughened, Plate, Tempered, Float, Laminated, Mirrored, Coloured, Curved, Smart and even bullet proof glass can all be polished.  The only exception to this is glass that has been coated or filmed. This cannot be polished without removing the coating or film.

How does repairing scratched glass help the environment? By repairing scratch damaged glass, we cut the demand for un-necessary glass production, saving not only the resources used in manufacturing the glass, but also in the mining, refining and transportation of its raw components.

Glass polishing will not single handedly save the planet, but in an age in which we are all tasked with doing our bit for the environment, it helps, and that is all anyone can realistically be asked to do.


Truth about DIY glass polishing kits

There are a growing number of scratched glass repair products on the market today, but unfortunately very few of them work. The price range also varies quite a bit on these types of products and it is understandable that it is tempting to consider a cheaper version. But before you do, please take a moment to look at a few points listed below, it may well save you much trouble and frustration.

Most scratched glass repair kits available on the internet consist of just felt polishing pads and polishing compound. This type of kit is only really any good for removing mineral deposits and hard water stains, very good for shower screens.  Size is also a factor.  Most DIY kits available on the internet are 50mm or 75mm.  These are harder to use, especially with an electric drill as, due to the design of the drill, you are standing further away from the glass.  The greater the backing pad size, the better the result and ease of use.  Ideally, you should be looking for a 125mm backing pad and abrasives.  75mm and 50mm kits are really only for tight corners or very small areas.

Don’t get carried away – D.I.Y products are really only designed for small jobs.  If you have large areas or multiple units to repair, consider talking to a professional glass polisher.  You are likely to save yourself a lot of time and expense.

You need to get abrasive - The only way to remove scratches from glass is to remove the glass around the scratch, to the depth of the scratch and then to evenly blend the surrounding glass back into the middle. Don’t worry; it’s much easier than it sounds.

Types of DIY abrasive on the market - Trizact is readily available in kits aimed at the DIY market. Trizact is easily recognizable, coming in orange, blue, red and green discs with a sticky back plastic in 2 or 3 inch sizes. Trizact used to be the professionals choice before the development of the better performing flat abrasive glass polishing systems. There is still a lot of Trizact around, being sold off cheaply because no one uses it professionally any more, at least not for scratched glass repair. Trizact does work, but the skill level required to achieve passable results is very high. We know of many professional glass polishers who are not able to use this system properly. Trizact will cause distortion or at the very least, highly visible 'fining scratches' to your glass.

Keep it flat - To achieve the best results, you have to stay flat. This means that you keep the surface of your pad and abrasive absolutely flat against the surface of the glass. Any system that works with the edge of the disc to achieve a 'bite' into the glass will not be able to produce distortion free results. So look for a flat system or abrasive.

Abrasive thickness - This is quite important. Abrasive pads that are too thin will cause glass to heat up very quickly. All abrasive discs create heat, but the thinner the pad, the quicker the glass heats up. Look for an abrasive with an interface pad or that has a heat absorbent backing.

Quality of abrasive - This is probably the key to achieving the desired results. There are many, many grades of abrasive, also called ‘grits’ and the quality of the abrasive papers used also varies greatly. The quality of your grit will have a direct bearing on the results you achieve with your scratched glass repair kit. If you find a kit offering lots of abrasive discs for a cheap price...... there is a reason they are cheap. To be fair, take a look at the rest of the kit components and this will give you an idea of the abrasive quality. Does it come with a real microfiber cloth, or a piece of J-Cloth? Is the main backing pad a two or three piece medium density pad or a single colour cheap Chinese import, usually yellow.

A kit with cheap components is most likely to contain cheap low quality abrasives. Professionally, we spend a lot of time repairing damage caused by cheap DIY kits.

Your choice of polishing machine - Although our D.I.Y kits are designed to work with a standard electric drill, you will find a rotary polisher much, much easier to use and better results will be achieved. Whichever machine you decide to use, we suggest a few practice sessions using just the felt polishing pad and a little water before you use any abrasive. Note: Rotary not orbital or duel action.

Yes, professional polishing machines are expensive, but there are few cheaper polishing machines that we have tested and work very well with our kits. Go to Google and type in Silverline 264569.  This machine costs around £35 with free delivery and comes as a car polishing kit so you can use it again to polish the car.

We realize that there are cheaper products on the market and obviously we are going to say that ours are better, you would expect no less, but the simple truth is….. Our scratched glass repair kits work.

This is why we are the only producers of D.I.Y Scratched Glass Repair Kits to offer a DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with our kits. 

All we ask is that you read the instructions before you attempt your repair.  As blokes, we only ever turn to the instructions when things go wrong and then we blame our tools, the weather, the government anything other than ourselves.  If you read and understand the instructions before you begin, you will get the perfect repair. 

If there is anything in the instructions you do not understand, call us and we will happily talk you through your repair.


Understand your glass types

There are 3 main types of glass in common use today.

Float glass – more commonly used in bottle glass, wine bottles, milk bottles etc.

Laiminated glass – commonly found in double glazed windows, vehicle windscreens and some shop fronts.

Toughened glass – also referred to as tempered or safety glass, but basically the same thing, usually found in vehicle side or passenger window, and most single glazed window or door units.

How can I tell? - The best way to check which glass you have is to look for a Kite Mark in one of the corners of the glass.  Type your Kite Mark digits into Google and you should find your glass type very easily. Most glass used in modern construction should carry a Kite Mark, but in its absence always assume that the glass is laminate. 

A quick note about Kitemarks – According to the NHBC: All IGUs (Insulated Glass Units) are now required to have third party certification (e.g. Kitemarking). This applies to IGUs installed in all types of frame, including timber windows and windows fabricated under a BBA certificate.

Our DIY scratched glass repair kits will work with all types of glass, but different glass types react differently to polishing so you should keep a few key points in mind.

Float Glass - It is unlikely that you will be repairing float glass, but if you are, slow and gentle is the key.  Unlike laminated or toughened glass, when float glass breaks, it shatters into jagged pieces and is not designed to hold its form.  A jagged piece of glass propelled by a polishing head moving at 2500 rpm could do a lot of damage.  Extreme care is called for.  We would not recommend repairing float glass with a DIY Scratched Glass Repair Kit.

Laminate Glass – is softer than toughened glass and so does not always require the same level of abrasive to achieve your initial ‘bite’ into the glass.  It is also the easiest glass to polish.  Having said this, care must be taken not to put too much pressure on to the glass or to generate too much heat.  Too much of either can cause the glass to crack.  Unlike float glass, laminate is designed to hold its form when damaged so it will crack rather than shatter.  Extra care should be taken around the edges and corners of laminate glass in relation to heat and pressure.  Having said this, do not let it put you off repairing your own scratch damage.  If you follow the instructions included with your DIY kit carefully, you should avoid any nasty surprises.

Toughened Glass – As the name suggests, toughened glass is often harder to achieve the initial ‘bite’ and may require a harsher level of abrasive to begin with.  Unlike float or laminate, heat and pressure are not really an issue when polishing toughened glass.  It is almost impossible to put enough heat into the glass to make it crack, but for those of you who like to prove a point, the key word is almost!  When toughened glass breaks, it is designed to shatter into small pieces but to absorb impact.  When it shatters, the complete unit will shatter.

Other Glass Types – Glass polishing works for all types and make-up of glass.  No matter what the glass is called, Smart Glass, Tempered, even bulletproof glass, it is all basically constructed of either laminate or toughened.


from the industry leaders

Whether using our Professional Onsite Services or our DIY Scratched Glass Repair Kits, you can be assured that you are GUARANTEED perfect invisible repairs everytime.

As one of the most experienced and established glass polishing companies operating in the UK and Europe, we have come across almost every type of scratched glass in all manner of situations.  We have also played a large part in developing and perfecting the glass polishing systems currently used in the industry to produce perfect invisible repairs to any glass surface.

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